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A U G U S T A  R A Y _ E P K


"Augusta gets it. She gets that songs demand you to give it all you can give as a writer, as a singer, and as a performer. She doesn't just come with uniqueness as an artist, she comes with a true sense of what art really is."


"She’s a young, talented, breath of fresh air in this world of over processed and insincere music production. She’s a badass, sweet singing, country darlin’ from the North and Tennessee is lucky to have her."











Her name is Augusta, but you can call her “Gus." Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on a solid diet of eclectic music acts such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Shania Twain, shaped her unique country-rock sound. This sound, accompanying her incredible vocal talent, honest/soulful/hand-crafted songs mixed with an energetic, engaging stage presence, has made her the darling of the stage everywhere she goes. 
     Her hard work is paying off, as this up-and-coming star has already left her mark on the country scene, winning the North American Country Music Association International's (NACMAI) “New Country Female Vocalist of the Year” award (2016), the NACMAI “New Country CD of the Year” award (2016), “New Country Songwriter of the Year” award (2016/2017), “Traditional Country Songwriter of the Year" award (2016/2017), "Female Entertainer of the Year" and was one of the Top-7 featured artists in ole Majorly Indie's “On The Spot” Canadian Country Music competition in 2015, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia during CCMA week.  
 Augusta splits her time between her home in Nashville and her home in Toronto, working hard in the studio to bring her ideas to life. When not working in the studio, she spends much of her time travelling and performing for Canadian and American country/rock music fans, sharing stages with notable country acts such as Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, Big & Rich, Cam, and Michael Ray, among others. ​ 
Augusta’s 2018 highlights include joining Brett Kissel’s “We Were That Song Tour,” as the opening act, in Thunder Bay, ON, as well as being invited to join Tim Hicks on stage in Thunder Bay, ON, to perform a duet of his latest smash “The Worst Kind." In May of 2018, Augusta was also awarded the 'NEXT COUNTRY MUSIC STAR,' landing her an opening slot for Toby Keith at Canada's Largest Country Music Festival, 'THE HAVELOCK COUNTRY JAMBOREE.'
     In the summer of 2017, Augusta was invited to perform at Summerfest; The World's Largest Music Festival, for the second year in a row. She performed among acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kool and The Gang, Elle King, Def Leppard, and Paul McCartney. ​ 
     In early 2016, Augusta alongside award-winning Canadian producer Matt Rovey, and former member of the hit-making country group 'The Lost Trailers,' Jason Wyatt, released a six song EP, that has since been gaining airplay throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The final track on the EP entitled "I'm Done," which was written by Ms. Ray, was ranked #30 on the European Charts as reported by HotDisc.
  Augusta's latest release (January, 2019)  entitled 'VAGABOND,' is a true testament to who she is as an artist, and person:

“I don’t write enough songs about myself” says Augusta. “Sometimes, I can be so focused on what everyone around me is doing, that I focus on being inspired by their lives, and forget that my life too can be inspiring/interesting enough to write a song about.

“Vagabond” was that song for me- the song that broke the curse of writing about other people’s lives. For anyone that doesn’t know me and my music, this is the perfect song to give you an introduction into who the heck I am.  To the travelers, and rolling stones that’ve been known to gather no moss, this song is for you!  And to those that have been too afraid to find love in a world that seems like it moves too fast sometimes … I wrote this for you! Here’s to all the “Stevie Nicks Enthusiasts’ that aren’t afraid to put a little rock 'n roll in their country. Here’s to the Vagabonds just like me."