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"REAL TALK FOR A SEC: Times are tough for the entertainment industry right now. I miss my job; I miss checking into the hotel in the city we’d be playing in the next day // waking up the next morning and heading to the venue for soundcheck that afternoon & rocking that night // meeting new fans and giving big hugs... I miss crappy truck stop coffee... And I miss getting in the car and doing it all over again the next weekend... 

I’ve been performing professionally since I was 11, so I don’t know anything other than the life I was living before COVID-19. If I’m being honest, I’m still having a hard time adjusting to not playing live. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the afternoon naps and the extra time I have to plant stuff, and hike with Gibby, but I haven’t been feeling myself lately. But what I’ve realized over the last little bit is that ITS OKAY.  

None of us were taught how to cope with a global pandemic, in school. There is no textbook way to feel, when you’re forced to reset and change everything you know. ITS OKAY. Feel what you feel, ‘cause chances are, someone else feels the way you do.


I just want to thank you all for tuning into my 'Best Of Series' LIVESTREAMS on Facebook lately. Singing for y’all has given me such peace during these weird-ass times. Thank you for reminding me why I started singing in the first place, when lately it seems the world has given me many reasons as to why I shouldn’t... Musician friends: Smile for me, today. We’re gonna be good...

-Gus XO"

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 The Best Of Series



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